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Community Trainer Training Application

Companionship is intended to be done in and with the support of community.  To be considered for Community Trainer Training, each trainer candidate is required to submit a letter of reference form and application. No application will be reviewed until both have been received.  Please note that references are subject to phone verification — by submitting this form, you are giving permission to Pathways to Promise to contact your reference. 

Please select an individual from your community who can attest to your suitability of becoming a Community Trainer to complete this form.  It is important that this individual knows you and your work well enough to be able to thoughtfully and completely respond to all the questions. 

Trainer Application

Becoming a Community Trainer is an exciting opportunity and we are thrilled that you are interested. Please become familiar with the FAQs on this page before applying as a Community Trainer.

Step 1: Have a colleague complete the CT Letter of Recommendation form

Step 2: Complete and submit the application below, including attaching the Letter of Recommendation.

Community Trainer Application

CT Application
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