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Mental Health Ministries Resources

In keeping with our mission statement, Mental Health Ministries offers a wide variety of print and media resources. Our print resources include brochures, bulletin inserts, flyers, articles and worship liturgies. All print resources are available to be downloaded from the website at no cost. Many of these resources are available in Spanish.

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People with general worries and concerns often first approach their faith leader who ministers to the whole person—body, mind and spirit. People experiencing mental health concerns and emotional crisis most often seek out the faith leaders first.


The books included in this section have been lifted up in our e-Spotlights. While it is not possible to include all books addressing spirituality/faith and mental illness, we will continue to add book titles that we feature in our e-Spotlights. 

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Need quick guides for educating others on mental health and its history? Check out these resources from SAMHSA, suicide prevention, gun violence, depression, and much more.

Creating Caring Congregations Model

There are many ways that congregations can begin or expand a ministry to and with persons with a mental illness and their families. While the journey to become a caring congregation can be described in many different ways, this Caring Congregations model uses a five step approach. 

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Our Spotlight Newsletter

Recent Spotlights

We continue to add resources to the website and lift up other timely resources in our e-Spotlights. Sign up to receive our Spotlight updates.

What we do

Mental Health Ministries has produced numerous video shows. Many video clips available on this website. We also offer videos with study guides for purchase.

We provide website links to groups working in the area of mental health. While there are many groups working to educate about mental illness, our Advisory Committee made the decision to limit those links to groups working specifically in the area of spirituality and mental illness.

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