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Companionship Workshops:

Participants will be introduced to the revolutionary Companionship Model, that has five very important tenets: Hospitality, neighboring, side-by-side, listening, and accompaniment. The 3-hour workshop will provide participants an understanding of how to move from a transactional exchange model to a relational engagement model that enables substantial change when helping others. Workshop participants will also learn the importance of integrating Companionship into their organizations and communities.

Companionship Instructor Training:

Do you want to learn how to become an Instructor of Companionship?  Apply for our Companionship Instructor Training! This training is a 2-day course that focuses on the values and philosophy of The Companionship Model and how to effectively communicate the aim and practices of Companionship.

An application is required via our Reference Form.

Support group

Locations Trained in Companionship

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