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Mental Health Multifaith Resource Center

Welcome to our Mental Health Multifatih Resource Library, your comprehensive destination for mental health and wellness information. We have meticulously curated this resource center to ensure ease of use and to provide you with the most relevant materials. This library builds upon the outstanding work initiated by Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder, the founder of Mental Health Ministries.

To find the resources you need, utilize the search box above or the filters below. For a more in-depth search, explore our full resource library, which offers an extensive range of categories, topics, and user-specific information. We are continually expanding our collection, so we encourage you to visit frequently.

mental Health &
Wellness Topics
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Featured Resources

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In The Shadow of God's Wings

A free book by Susan Gregg-Shroeder

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Become a Companion Workshop


Faith Communities and the Well-Being of LGBTQ Youth

Resources for Purchase

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