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Who We Are - What We Do - How We Do It


Pathways to Promise, founded in 1988, is a multifaith and multicultural mental health support organization that addresses the need for comprehensive mental health support for any person with a mental health condition and those who surround them. Our vision is realized in communities across the nation through a continuum of program resources and a delivery model.

Our Mission

Equipping diverse communities to create safe, equitable, healing connections for mental wellness.

Our Vision

A safety net of stigma-free, diverse, connected communities of care.

Our Core Values

COMPASSION people-driven mental wellness support

COMPANIONSHIP side-by-side human connections
COURAGE championing justice for everyone
COLLABORATION connecting faith and other partners
CREATIVITY program and model delivery innovations

Strategic Methods




  • The US Population is about 330 Million.

  • More than 1 in 5 live with a mental illness.

  • Half will be diagnosed over their lifetime.

  • Half experience loneliness daily.

  • Suicides reached ...


In the U.S. at anytime, anywhere, any one of an estimated 165 million people will move through this continuum of mental health conditions in need of wellness. Pathways’ programs have the potential to transform our nation by equipping communities to support those with mental health challenges and those who surround them. Pathways has the potential to revolutionize access to mental health programs and support to any one, anywhere through an innovative community delivery model.


COPe Toolkit

Website Prevention Treatment recovery model P2P (2000 × 1000 px) (2500 × 1000 px) (2).png

Continuum of Program Supports (COPe Toolkit)

If you want to create or have an existing coalition, this Communities of Care (3C) model will guide you in equipping your community with support and resources for those with mental health challenges and those who surround them. Each program is a workshop designed to be led by certified trainers.


Curriculum themes:​...

Five Care Programs

3C SafetyNet

  • Awareness Care 101

  • Resiliency Care 201

  • Companionship Care 301

  • Referral Care 401

  • Recovery Care 501

*The Delivery Model: Connected Communities of Care (3C) 601

Connected Community of Care (3C) Model P2P (4).png

Connected Community of Care (3C)

The 3C SafetyNet will serve as a delivery model for the COPe Toolkit, designed to be structured, supportive, sustainable, and scalable. It utilizes faith and community volunteers to provide equitable, cultural, community-based, low-cost support for mental wellness access, engagement, and connections...

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