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Instructor Training

Companionship is intended to be done in and with the support of community.  To be considered for the Companionship Instructor Training, each instructor applicant is required to submit a community support reference document.  No application will be reviewed until both the application and reference document have been received.  Please note that references are subject to phone verification — By submitting this form, you are giving permission to Pathways to Promise to contact your reference. 

Please select an individual from your community who can attest to your suitability of becoming a Companionship Instructor to complete this form.  It is important that this individual knows you and your work well enough to be able to thoughtfully and completely respond to the all questions. 

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instructor application

Before you apply...

Becoming an Instructor of Companionship is an exciting opportunity and we are thrilled that you are interested.  Being a successful Companionship Instructor is highly rewarding; however this role also requires a serious commitment of time, energy and creativity.  Before applying to become a certified instructor, you should fully understand what is necessary for certification as well as your long term success as a Companionship Instructor


Who should apply to be a Companionship Instructor

An Instructor of Companionship is required to serve as an ambassador and, most importantly, an embodiment of the Companionship program principles.  All instructor candidates are required to have the following qualifications: 

  • General knowledge and/or personal experience with issues of mental health, poverty, trauma, or other isolating circumstances

  • Experience in Companionship work and an understanding of best practices in Companioning relationships

  • Membership in and strong external support from one’s religious community, professional or community organization, or other community group


Instructor Training and Certification:

The Companionship Instructor Training takes place over two days and is taught by one or more authorized Companionship Senior Trainers.  Each training course has a minimum registration of five people and a maximum of 15.




  • In-person Tuition for each Instructor Candidate is $1,000.  This fee includes the instruction, pre-and post-training consultations, a spot in 4-hour Companionship Workshop, a hearty snack during the training, all instruction materials, and continued support and education opportunities from Pathways to Promise for as long as the individual remains a certified instructor.  Once accepted to the training, a small deposit of 20% ($200.00) is required to reserve your space and full payment must be made prior to the start of the training. Instructor candidates are responsible for travel, hotel, and any miscellaneous expenses during the training period. 

  • Virtual Tuition for each Instructor Candidate is $850. This fee includes the instruction, pre-and post-training consultations, a spot in 4-hour Virtual Companionship Workshop. The remote Instructor training structure includes attendance at prior virtual Companionship Workshop 2 weeks prior to the training date. 1 1/2 days of live interactive training presented by Companionship Trainers. Once accepted to the training, a small deposit of 20% ($170.00) is required to reserve your space and full payment must be made prior to the start of the training.

Cancelation Policy:  

If you cancel your registration within 30 days or more prior to the training date, you will receive a full refund.  If you cancel your registration between 14 and 29 days prior to the training, you will receive a 50% refund.  Those canceling with less than 14 days' notice prior to training will not be eligible for a refund.  Any additional cancellation fees are the responsibility of the registering party and/or their supporting organization. 


Can I transfer my registration if I am unable to attend the scheduled training?

Participants may transfer registration to another course with notice of at least 7 days.  Scholarship transfers are subject to the approval of Pathways to Promise. 

Instructor Training Structure:  

Experienced Companionship Senior Trainers guide Instructor Candidates through the two-day training with an emphasis on embodying and communicating the five basic practices of Companionship.  On the second day of the training, each instructor candidate will teach back an assigned portion of the Companionship Workshop to the group.  The Companionship Senior Trainers will then conduct an individual evaluation of each candidate, using a standardized rubric, and each candidate will provide a peer review for their colleagues.  Courses vary in time and location, however, all follow the same foundational structure.


Outcomes of a Companionship Instructor Training: 

The Companionship Instructor Training has three possible outcomes:

  1. Full Certification

  2. Provisional Certification

  3. No Certification

Please note that all certification determinations are made by an elite group of Companionship Senior Trainers with significant experience and knowledge of Companioning work. 


What are my commitments as a Companionship Instructor?

When an individual becomes a Certified Companionship Instructor, s/he is committing to actively practicing Companionship in their community and to teach two full three-hour Companionship Workshops per year with fidelity to the core program model and key messages.  Instructors are responsible for components of such workshops, including: 

  • Recruiting participants and securing a training location 

  • Collecting course fees

  • Ordering and providing workshop materials for all participants

  • Preparing course materials

  • Compiling a list of local resources

  • Providing participant evaluations to The Companionship Movement and Pathways to Promise


Maintaining your Companionship Instructor Certification: 

In order to maintain Companionship Instructor Certification, instructors are required to: 

  • Teach their first workshop within six months of becoming certified

  • Teach at least two workshops per year

  • Provide a Companioning presence within your community

  • Maintain satisfactory participant evaluation scores

  • Engage in instructor/workshop refresher activities as instructed and available


PLEASE NOTE: Do not make any travel arrangements until your application has been approved and you have received a letter/email of acceptance.

Companionship Instructor Application

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