August Leadership Forum Webinar

If you missed our latest webinar, it is available in our archive: Dr. Kanika A. Turner discussed the opioid crisis and how faith communities can help reduce stigma and save lives.


We’re glad you’re here! This site is intended for you – a faith leader, an interested layperson, or a mental health professional seeking to engage with the faith community.

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Your support enables us to continue our work with the faith community raising awareness about mental health, and developing groups that support people living with mental illness, their friends and families.

The Companionship Movement

Pathways to Promise and the Mental Health Chaplaincy are partners in fostering the expansion of The Companionship Movement, a ministry of presence.

It's Our Anniversary!

This is our 30th year of service! In honor of this anniversary, we would love to hear your stories about how Pathways to Promise made a difference in mental health awareness in your faith community. 

Are you or someone you know in crisis?

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: 741-741

Fresh Hope for Mental Health Podcast

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week, Pathway's own Rev. Jermine Alberty joined Pastor Brad Hoefs on Fresh Hope for Mental Health's weekly podcast to discuss how having faith in God helps people on their journey to recovery from the challenges of mental illness,...

Black, Hispanic children, youth rarely get help for mental health problems

Black, Hispanic children, youth rarely get help for mental health problems Minorities' psychiatric, behavioral problems often result in school punishment or incarceration, but rarely mental health care, according to nationwide study Black children and young adults are...

Engage, Learn, and Network Leadership Forum Emotional CPR Webinar

Pathways to Promise is excited to have board member Rev. Barbara F. Meyers present at our bi-monthly leadership forum Engage, Learn, and Network Leadership Forum call on October 11th starting with the webinar from 10:30 – 11:00 am CT.  Rev. Meyers will be providing...

Diversity & Inclusion in Faith Communities

Is there a need to consider diversity and inclusion strategies in the faith community? Diversity and inclusion has increasingly become a focal point for businesses, educational institutions and service organizations.  It represents the various combinations of human...

Faith.Hope.Life Campaign: At the Intersection of Faith, Mental Health, and Suicide.

  As the number of churches providing a mental health focused ministry grows, one gap becomes more evident: the lack of attention given to addressing suicide. Yet, the rate of suicide in this country continues to edge upward, especially among middle-aged whites....

Listening to Our Stories

Different people in my life know different parts of me. My younger nieces and nephews know me for the Silly Cindy stories I tell. My English as a Second Language students know me as their teacher and their friend. The people I worship with know me as a pastoral...

Pathways to Promise Webinars

Our popular podcasts cover topics from reducing stigma to fundraising to support mental health work in congregations around the nation. All webinars are archived HERE for your convenience!





There are three steps congregations can take in developing their capacity to support recovery and wellness with individuals and families facing serious mental health issues.


1. Assessing the mental health needs of a        congregation


2. Providing a basic understanding of various mental health issues they may encounter


3. Learning how to form: local interfaith mental health training coalitions, clusters of congregations, congregational mental health committees, companionship care teams


Pathways to Promise would like to help you developed or strengthen your mental health ministry. Please click the appointment link to schedule a time to speak with our team. 


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A helpful collection of pamphlets, brochures, books and more for clergy and laity looking for mental health literature and resources.

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