Who are We


Pathways to Promise founded in 1988, is an interfaith assistance and resource center that provides virtual and in-person support to faith, spiritual and non-spiritual communities. Through training, consultation, liturgical and educational materials, program models, and assessments, we educate and affect change that creates welcoming and supportive caring communities for persons with mental health challenges, disabilities, and addictions and those who care for them.


 Our Mission


Pathways to Promise collaborates with faith, spiritual, and non-spiritual communities to share resources that assess, educate and effect change to welcome, support, engage and include persons with mental illnesses and those who care for them.


Our Vision


People living with mental illnesses and those who care for them are welcomed and supported in all faith and spiritual communities.


Our Core Commitments


  1. To promote the importance of respecting & listening non judgmentally to persons with mental illness and their families.
  2. To honor diversity, differences, and inclusiveness.
  3. To honor both science and faith and spiritual traditions.
  4. To engage and collaborate with others.
  5. To be empathetic and compassionate to those we serve.
  6. To be faithful to those we serve.
  7. To be courageous and welcoming of all groups and people.


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