Staff & Consultants

Rev. Jermine D. Alberty, BSB/M, M. Div.
Lead Consultant

Rev. Jermine Alberty brings a rich variety and depth of experience to his work with Pathways. He has worked over 20 years in nonprofit, faith communities, mental health, and government serving in the roles as a community organizer working with different faith traditions, training director for a community mental health center, neighborhood planning assessments, and staff development work.

He possesses a deep passion for mental health ministry through personal experience. Having had first-hand experience with family members who live with mental illness, and understanding the importance of the faith experience in their faith journey. This inspired him to seek ways to increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma, and promote recovery in ministries. He has lead Pathways to Promise since 2016. Rev. Alberty is a National Trainer of Mental Health First Aid USA. He is also the co-author of the book Bottled-up Inside African                                                             American Teens and Depression. To contact Rev. Alberty, please call 314-810-2234 or email


Jessica Dexter

Mental Health Ministries Coordinator

Jessica is the  Administrative Program Consultant for Pathways to Promise and is responsible for the Committee for Education and Resource Development.  She works primarily on program development for The Companionship Movement and with the Executive Director.  Jessica recently received her Master’s Degree from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and became an Associate Chaplain at the Mental Health Chaplaincy.  She is passionate about working with and advocating for all people, especially persons living in marginalizing circumstances. To contact Jessica, please email