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Executive Director

To leaders at the intersection of faith and mental health, We at Pathways to Promise (P2P) are embarking on a new and exciting chapter about our Executive Director position. We are looking for someone who is called to do the work of P2P, has passion for our work, sees purpose for themselves in our work, and would actually say, “I am put on this earth to do this job with purpose.” Founded in 1988 by visionary leaders, Pathways to Promise, a 501 (c) (3) interfaith educational and resource organization, provides virtual and in-person support to faith, spiritual and, non-spiritual communities. Through training, consultation, liturgical and educational materials, program models, and assessments, we educate and affect change that creates welcoming, inclusive, supportive and engaged caring communities for persons with mental health challenges, disabilities, and addictions and those who care for them. As Executive Director, you would have the opportunity to ● Build your staff and create efficient and effective administrative support ● Continue the growth and expansion of our signature “Companionship Movement” ● Recruit and train national Companionship trainers ● Expand the board by recruiting new board members who will be engaged ● Work with the board to develop our 2024-26 Strategic Plan The ideal Executive Director would expand and deepen their professional experiences by working ● At the intersection of faith and mental health ● In multi-faith and culturally diverse communities ● In community engagement at the grassroots level ● In educational program development ● In networking and collaborating across the country ● In fund raising and development Does the Executive Director job description excite you about joining and leading our team? Does the Executive Director job description excite you about joining and leading our team? Please open the Apply Now button below and submit your cover letter and resume. Or If you know someone that is qualified for our position, please ask them to send their cover letter and resume to Mark Stephenson, president of the board, at and copy Bud Browne, our executive recruiter, at We look forward to talking with you. The Pathways to Promise Board: Mark Stephenson & Bud Browne


Executive Director, Jermine Alberty, Resolution of completion


Rev. Jermine Alberty

WHEREAS, Rev. Jermine Alberty has served as the Lead Consultant/Executive Director of Pathways to Promise since May, 2016;  

WHEREAS, Rev. Alberty completed his service with Pathways to Promise January 31, 2023;  

WHEREAS, Rev. Alberty has been an invaluable leader and made significant contributions to the work of Pathways to Promise; 

WHEREAS, during Rev. Alberty’s tenure, Pathways to Promise made significant progress in our assistance to faith communities, including 

  • His work with Rev. Craig Rennebohm to put Craig’s practices of Companionship into a teachable system

  • His training of many Companionship instructors who are now teaching Companionship across the United States

  • His recruitment of and leadership of Pathways consultants

  • His expansion of the work of Pathways to Promise among people of color

  • His growth of Pathways’s budget through training revenue and relationships with foundations and donors

  • His work with Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder to make Mental Health Ministries a part of the work of Pathways to Promise 

WHEREAS, in more than six years of service with Pathways to Promise, Rev. Alberty has distinguished himself with his deep knowledge and abilities related to mental health matters, with developing curriculum, with entrepreneurial insight, and with expertise and leadership exercised during his time with Pathways to Promise,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors hereby expresses its gratitude to Rev. Jermine Alberty for his service to faith communities through Pathways to Promise, for his sound business advice and valued counsel and for all that he has contributed to the work of Pathways to Promise, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors wishes Rev. Alberty continued success in all his endeavors and expresses our hope for his continued health, happiness and prosperity, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution and a plaque be presented to Rev. Alberty as a token of our respect and appreciation. 


Jermine Alberty

The board of directors would like to show our appreciation for the work and dedication of Rev. Jermine Alberty. When Rev. Alberty became Pathways’ Lead Consultant/Executive Director, we had a helpful website and many resources available for faith communities to download or purchase to assist them in ministry with people with mental illnesses. Rev. Alberty poured through those resources and found one that he envisioned not just as a resource but as a movement: three slide decks created by Rev. Craig
Rennebohm called Companionship.

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