Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities

Dear Pathways Supporter,

On behalf of the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition and Pathways to Promise, organizations that connect faith leaders with mental health resources both locally and nationally, we would like to invite you to sponsor at one or both of our next back-to-back events. The events will focus on providing faith leaders and other partners the practical resources and programs needed to address the mental health needs faith communities encounter.

  • Wednesday Sept 28, 2016 Conference “Celebrating Hope: Promoting Mental Wellness and Resiliency” for an anticipated 240 clergy, lay leaders, families and persons with lived experience with mental health challenges, and mental health providers.
  • Thursday and Friday Sept 29 -30, 2016 Consultancy Training Institute for 30-60 persons from the Midwest representing local, regional, national faith groups, pastoral counseling organizations, and leaders of local congregational and interfaith mental health networks interested in getting trained as consultants, trainers, coaches for mental health ministry or program development.

The last major event sponsored by Pathways to Promise and the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition, “Creating Hope: The Power of Faith Communities in Mental Health Recovery” in January 2014, was sold out and had over 150 people attend from 35 different faith communities, 40 health and mental health agencies, 7 advocacy and consumer organizations, 10 different regional or national judicatories, and a variety of seminaries, universities, school systems, and governmental organizations. It had 29 clergy, 23 lay leaders and volunteers, 30 mental health professionals, 16 advocates and consumers/ PEERs/CRSSs, 20 administrators or agency staff, and a number of university faculty and students.

The conference will have several keynote speakers. Craig Rennebohm, nationally known speaker and consultant promoting effective mental health ministries at the local level, and author of the acclaimed book Souls in the Hands of a Tender God. Nanette V. Larson, Director of Recovery Support Services, DHS/Division of Mental Health will inspire us to deepen our involvement in this movement! Topics will also include mental health first aid, suicide prevention, cultural competency, stories of mental health and addictions recovery.

There will also be an opportunity to dialogue with groups of mental health providers and faith community leaders about needs, hopes, resources, and organizing possibilities.

Click on Sponsorship Exhibitor Form to see more detailed information, or on Sponsorship Ask Letter to get a copy of this request. We ask you to consider supporting these important event and the work of the faith communities in addressing mental health needs. Together we can provide hope and healing to those who need it most.

Robert Skrocki
Chair, Pathways to Promise Board    

Rita Rippentrop
President, Interfaith Mental Health Coalition