Pathways National Training Initiative

The Pathways National Training Initiative helps communities pursue two simultaneous and mutually reinforcing goals:  1) to develop greater capacity for promoting the recovery of people experiencing mental illnesses; and 2) to help faith communities become more fully themselves by including people with mental illnesses in their life together.

The PNTI has helped many communities establish Mental Health Training Collaboratives (MHTCs) , which which bring together faith communities, mental health providers, advocates, and other interested persons and agencies develop plans for training the community in mental health ministry.  MHTCs draw on the PNTI core curriculum, which includes the following three trainings:

  • Mental Health 101
  • Companionship Ministry
  • Developing a Congregational Mental Health Team

Rev. Craig Rennebohm, PNTI Senior Advisor, has published a booklet for each of the above three trainings, and his

Picture of Rev Craig Rennebohm

Rev Craig Rennebohm

Companionship Series” of three booklets is available through Pathways for a modest fee of $25 for the series.  Just click here to order:  <need link>

The PNTI also promotes what we call “foundation” courses, most of which have been developed by other organizations.  For example, Mental Health First Aid, which involves a much lengthier time commitment is available in many communities and some of the PNTI trainers have received training in providing MHFA trainings.