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Addiction Help

Addiction Help was created to provide the most comprehensive up-to-date information about various addictions and how to overcome them.  A wide variety of resources and links are available at the Addiction Help website.

Few Americans Say Their House of Worship was Open, but a Quarter Say Their Faith Has Grown Amid Pandemic

One-quarter of U.S. adults overall (24%) say their faith has become stronger because of the coronavirus pandemic, while just 2% say their faith has become weaker. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered religious faith and worship habits. Some Americans say their religious faith has strengthened as a result of the outbreak, even as the vast majority of U.S. churchgoers report that their congregations have closed regular worship services to the public, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Americans in historically black Protestant churches and those who describe themselves as very religious are particularly likely to say their faith has strengthened.

COVID-19 Recommended Preventative Practices and FAQs for Faith-Based and Community Leaders

Faith-based and community leaders continue to be valuable sources of comfort and support for their members and communities during times of distress, including the growing presence of COVID-19 in different parts of the country. As such, these leaders have the unique ability to address potential concerns, fears, and anxieties regarding COVID-19. Additionally, by reiterating simple hygienic precautions and practices, these leaders can broadly promote helpful information, managing fear and stigma, and restoring a sense of calm into the lives of those in their care. 

Such leaders are also poised ― through their acts of service and community relationships ― to reach vulnerable populations with essential information and assistance. These acts of service are an essential part of the safety net for the vulnerable in their communities.

National Recovery Month

Each September, SAMHSA sponsors National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders, and celebrate the individuals living in recovery. This observance highlights inspiring stories that help thousands of people from all walks of life find the path to hope, health, and wellness. In addition, the materials support SAMHSA’s message that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover.  

Ministry During Pandemic – Free Resource

A free downloadable resource from Judson Press - Chaplains and ministers are on the forefront of spiritual care ministry during pandemic. No one person or one agency will be able to meet the needs of the thousands—the millions—that are affected by pandemic. What are the threats? What are the needs? What are the spiritual issues? In this prescient book, initially developed 10 years ago and now updated in light of the current historical moment, Judson Press author and experienced chaplain Naomi Paget offers this timely resource for Ministry during Pandemic—absolutely free. Download now and learn how to increase your awareness, make preparations, and implement strategies for ministry, even (and especially) while under stay-at-home mandates and self-quarantines.

Congregational Resource Guide (CRG)

You can stay informed about mental health resources on the Congregational Resource Guide (CRG).

The CRG features web resources, organizations, books, articles and more to help your congregation increase knowledge about mental health and how to support those with mental illnesses and their families. 

There are descriptions of a resources and organizations addressing faith/spirituality and mental illness.

Hebrew Prayer Books

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