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A Common Struggle

Patrick J. Kennedy, the former congressman and youngest child of Senator Ted Kennedy, details his personal and political battle with mental illness and addiction, exploring mental health care's history in the country alongside his and every family's private struggles.

A Common Struggle by Patrick J. Kennedy Book Cover.jpg

Survivor Care: What Religious Professionals Need to Know About Healing Trauma

Dr. Christy Sim works diligently to serve the needs of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. On any given Sunday morning, a pastor can look over the 100 members of the congregation and see 25 women and 14 men who have been crippled by domestic violence and trauma--no matter the race or socio-economic group. The church is more than a hospital for sinners, it is also an emergency room for those who have been sinned against. But emergency rooms are not the place for long-term care. The goal of care is not merely to help victims survive but move on to healing and wholeness.

Survivor Care What Religious Professionals Need to Know About Healing Trauma By Christy Gu

Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality: Making Space for God

The spiritual practice of mindfulness has continued to gain popularity throughout the years. But what exactly does this practice offer to Christians? In Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality, Tim Stead explores how practicing mindfulness can help Christians better live out their faith. Stead explains what mindfulness is and what is beneficial about it. He also reflects on how it can impact what and how we believe and seeks to find how mindfulness enables our Christian faith to work for us. Mindfulness practices that are designed to help readers make space for God in their everyday lives are included.

Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality By Eden Koz.jpg

A Pastor's Guide for the Shadow of Depression

Pastors face unique challenges and unrealistic expectations that can lead to feelings of failure, deep sadness, and depression. Too often they feel no one understands, as if there’s nowhere to turn.  In this book, Dr. Gary Lovejoy comes alongside pastors to help them recognize when they may be depressed so they can find help and make needed changes. Even more, Dr. Lovejoy identifies assertive ways pastors can address critical issues before the shadows begin to envelop them.  Depression is a warning sign that won’t simply go away on its own. Every pastor should read this guide, even if they’ve never felt depressed. It may be the lifeline you need at a critical time. 

A Pastor's Guide for the Shadow of Depression by Gary H. Lovejoy.jpg

Resilience: Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis

It is a challenging time for people who experience anxiety, and even people who usually don't experience it are finding their moods are getting the better of them. Anxiety hits hard and its symptoms are unmistakable, but sometimes in the rush and confusion of uncertainty we miss those symptoms until it is too late. When things seem to be coming undone, it is still possible to recognize the onset of anxiety and act to prevent the worst of it. George Hofmann takes a unique approach to developing better awareness of the body and how to head off disabling angst-filled episodes. 

Resilience Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis.jpg

Military Moral Injury and Spiritual Care

Military moral injury describes lifelong wounds of conscience afflicting military personnel who make life-and-death choices under duress or witness actions that later haunt them. With the suicide rate for veterans reaching 22 deaths per day, religious leaders, faith communities, and professional caregivers need resources and strategies for understanding and responding to the challenging ways military moral injury plagues veterans and their families.

Military Moral Injury and Spiritual Care By Nancy J. Ramsay Carrie Doehring.jpg
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