Mental Health Ministry Tool Kit

Mental Health Ministry Tools

Through its National Training Initiative (the “PNTI”) Pathways makes available resources to help faith communities develop organized, effective ways of supporting people and their families as they face the challenges of mental illness.  The PNTI approach starts with two key elements of a vibrant ministry:  1) Companionship and 2) development of a Congregational Mental Health Team.

This slide presentation provides an overview of Companionship:  Companionship Training – updated 2010_10_14

Learn more details by ordering the Companionship Series of booklets.  You can read about the booklets and order them here:  Companionship Series

Organizing a Congregational Mental Health Team can help a faith community sustain vibrant ministries over time. One of the booklets in our Companionship Series describes a high-functioning Mental Health Team and explains how to organize one.  Companionship Series

Children’s Mental Health:  The PNTI includes additional resources, including a Family Notebook which provides direction specifically on the development of a comprehensive approach to nurturing children’s mental health.