Customized Training

Pathways to Promise has an array of trainers with extensive mental health expertise on a wide range of topics.  Our customized training includes an initial phone consultation to carefully explore what options are the best match for your organization resulting in a remarkable training experience.

Here are a few words of recommendation from satisfied customers.

“Pathways to Promise has a deep and rich reservoir of interfaith educational materials, resources and visionary leaders.  NAMI FaithNet looks forward to continued partnerships with Pathways to achieve our common goal: equipping clergy and congregations for  welcoming, supporting and ministering to and with individuals and families impacted by mental illness.”


“Use quotes from Belleville, Chicago and Indianapolis surveys.”


“Ask Adrienne Hamment, Rita Rippentrop and Kae Eaton for quotes.”


See examples below for some of our most popular trainings.



Companionship Training

Add brief narrative (2-3 sentances) for each signature training comparable to the WRAP paragraph.


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches people the skills needed to assist someone who is overcoming mental health challenges or experiencing a psychiatric crisis.  This programs builds mental health literacy as it helps participants to identify, understand and respond to individuals.


Trauma Informed Care


Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is an evidence based practice that optimizes mental health and wellness.  Utilized by persons with and without mental health conditions, this is an ideal resource for faith leaders and congregants who desire to proactively engage in self-care.


We have many additional topics ranging from children’s mental health needs to peer support to suicide prevention.  If you are seeking a specific topic, please contact us to learn how a customized training can increase the cultural competency of your congregation and community.