Culture & Mental Health

Culture & Mental Health

handsThe culture of an individual  influences many aspects of mental health, mental illness, and patterns of health care utilization.  One’s  spirituality and religion often shapes how individuals  understand mental illness.  Below you will find resources that provide the links between mental health and culture.

Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity

A Supplement to Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General

Office of the Surgeon General (US); Center for Mental Health Services (US); National Institute of Mental Health (US).




Stigma-Busting Within the African American Community

By Elise Banks, M.S., LPC | Jul. 27, 2016


As Miss International 2015 and a national ambassador for NAMI, I have spent the last year with a specific focus on breaking the stigma associated with mental health. I do this work not only because I am a psychotherapist, but also because certain individuals resist seeking help due to the labels that are associated with symptoms of mental health conditions. – See more at:

Faith, culture and mental health are closely related to one another. To learn more we encourage you to click the links below.

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