Resources from P2P 2017 & 2016 Conferences


On October 27, 2017, Pathways to Promise hosted a one day conference titled “Engage, Learn & Network. This one-day conference was for persons in faith/spiritual communities. On this day participants learned

about various topics to increase their mental health literacy, promote recovery and reduce stigma surrounding the topic of mental illness. Speakers shared their expertise on how to create companionship teams; care for the mental and spiritual needs of older adults; the significance of trauma and how to support individuals; how faith communities’ can increase their capacities to help those who are suicidal; and understand the importance that faith and culture plays in correlation to persons mental health and wellness.

Below will find the resources shared at this conference by the presenters.

Jim Zahniser & Kae Eaton 

Companionship Ministry

Kavitha Laskshmanan

Psycho-Spiritual Needs of Aging Adults With References

Kerri Gallen

CFS Trauma BHN

Michelle Synder

Jermine D. Alberty & Deborah Burris

Bridging Faith, Culture, and Mental Health


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         Conference Flyer

On September 28, 2016, Pathways to Promise and the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition hosted a one day conference titled “Celebrating Hope, Promoting Mental Wellness and Resiliency. The conference presented various ways that faith communities and people engaged in mental health recovery can work together to educate their communities about mental illness and equip them to develop supportive, caring responses.

People from diverse faith traditions who have experienced the journey toward recovery shared their stories, and presenters from a variety of faith communities and mental health services programs  described ways they have developed the types of relationships and community practices that facilitate recovery and resiliency.

Below will find the resources shared at this conference by the presenters.

Angela Adkins

AJ French 

Cindy Holtrop

Nanette Larson 

David Litts 

Barbar Linek

Kathy McNair

Rita Rippentrop

Robert Skrocki

Helpful Hints for Planning a Training Event

Jim Zahniser

Miscellaneous Documents

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