Walking Together: A Training Workshop for Faith Communities Interested in Supporting People with Mental Illness




The aims of this workshop are to: Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and reduce the discrimination experienced by people with mental illness; empower those who experience mental illness to be an equal and respected member of the church community; create a safe place in our churches for those who experience mental illness; and encourage each participant to become more accepting and welcoming within their faith communities.

This workshop is built around 9 activities to enable the participants to reflect, to remember, and to understand the how and why of stigma – for an individual and for the faith group.

By understanding how stigma and discrimination are associated with mental illness how they manifest in the community, we can create an environment in which persons with mental illness can find the personhood and healing that they seek.

Originally produced by the Anglican Diocese of Auckland, NZ in collaboration with Pathways to Promise, the manual has been modified for publication in the United States.